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Behavior Modification Project (BMP)

Reflection Summary


You have spent the past few weeks trying to change a behavior. It is possible that you ran into difficulty with this because you have developed a strong habit over the years or perhaps changing your behavior was not very difficult. It is now time to reflect on your experience in light of societal factors – please respond to the questions provided below.

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Please use the following format guidelines to write your reflection:

Length:  2 pages

 Times New Roman font

12 pt size font,

1-inch margins on each page,

double spacing





1.  How does your personal behavior modification project demonstrate the connection between individuals & society? Is there a connection between a person’s societal exposure or societal status and their patterns of behavior? If so, please explain.




2.  How can your experience with trying to change a behavior/break a habit be related to people’s struggle with addiction to alcohol or drugs?  What similarities and differences do you see?




3.  Discuss the barriers a person with alcoholism faces when working toward sobriety. Consider all of the personal, social, systemic, and environmental challenges that a person faces in getting and staying sober. What recommendations do you have for a person working toward sobriety?



*** Level of English has to be very simple. 


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