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Agency Analysis and Policy Reflection Paper:




Each student will complete a thoroughly referenced agency analysis, policy reflection and recommendations. Part one of the paper is the agency analysis, and must include the agency’s mission, a brief history, a description of the services provided, the clients served (eligibility, inclusion and exclusion criteria), the organizational structure, how the agency is funded, and a few agency policies relevant to the student’s field placement.  The profile must be appropriately referenced.  For students placed within a large organization like Medical Center Hospital or Child Protective Services, the mission and history should encompass the entire organization; however, the rest of the information should be specific to the unit or department within which you are working.  An outline for the Agency Analysis is included at the end of the syllabus.




For the policy portion of the paper, you are to choose a federal, state, or agency policy that directly affects the clients at your agency.  You are to reference the policy, describe the policy, address the positive and negative aspects of the policy, identify any hidden agendas and unintended consequences it has had and make recommendations as to how the policy could be amended or modified to better serve the clients at your agency.










(Agency Analysis and Policy Reflection Paper)




Use the following outline to complete the analysis of your field placement agency.  At the end of the analysis, cite your sources of information (for example, agency literature, staff interviews, etc.).  If you copy something directly from any source, be sure to show this by using quotation marks and indicate the source and page numbers.  This exercise is meant to help you learn as much as possible about the goals, structure, and functioning of your agency as possible, to help you make the most of your field placement there.  The final copy of your analysis may or may not be shared with your field placement supervisor.




I.     Introduction


a.            Name and contact information (Address; telephone; e-mail information.)


b.            How long has the agency been in existence?  What year was it founded?


  1. How and why was the agency originally created?


d.            Is the agency licensed or accredited by any governmental agency? If so, give the


              name of the governmental agency.




II.    Mission and goals


a.          What is the mission?  Has either the mission or goals changed since the agency’s               inception?  Do the staff see any changes as positive or negative?


b.          On what geographical level does the agency operate?




III.   Agency Organization


a.          How is the agency organized?  Is there a Board?  If yes, how is it appointed?


b.          Who is in charge?  Who appoints the executive?  Who reports to whom?  Who


             do the social workers report to?


c.           Who does the decision-making and policy-making?  What is the process for


             making decisions and making/changing policy?


IV.  Funding


a.            Is this a for-profit, non-profit, or governmental agency?


b.            What are the sources of agency funding?


c.             Are clients charged for services?  If so, what is the fee structure?


 d.             Give the following figures, if they are available: (a) total operating expenses for


                last fiscal year; (b) total approved budget for current fiscal year




V.    Client Population – Who does the agency serve? 


a.            Number served per year


b.            Racial, ethnic, and cultural groups served (with percentages)


c.             Gender of those served (with percentages)


d.            Age groups served (with percentages)


e.            Income levels of those served (with percentages, especially percentage falling


               below poverty)


f.             What are the most common reasons clients come to the agency?




VI.  Benefits/Services provided by the agency


a            What are the types of services provided?  How frequently is each type of service




       b.          Does the agency service clients directly? indirectly through advocacy?


c.             What types of referrals to other agencies does the social work staff make?  


              Which agencies do they make referrals to most frequently?


d.            Are there needs the agency is unable to meet?  How do they deal with these


              unmet needs?




VII. Role of the social worker in the agency


        a.          What is the total number of persons on the professional staff of the agency?


              What types of degrees do they have?


b.            What are the required qualifications for the professional staff?  What are the


              qualifications for social work staff?  Is social work licensure required


c.             Are social workers the primary professional staff in this agency, or is it a


               secondary setting for social work?


d.            What are the primary job duties of the social work staff?


e.            What does the social work staff see as the major strengths and challenges of the




f.             What does the social work staff see as their primary sources of job stress?




VIII.                Conclusion.


a.            In your opinion, are services provided efficiently and adequately?


b.            Strengths and limitations of the agency?


c.             Any barriers to services?


d.            Is there room for improvement? 


(adapted from Tarleton State University and Hope College)



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