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My major is petroleoum engineering, Im a freshman  in the United States and my teacher wants a research that is related to my academic studies. So, i want you to write a research about Kuwait Oil Company and how its important to get a bacholar degree from the united states and then applying for the job in Kuwait Oil Company.


Please read the instructions carefully

I dont want it to be very formal

use quotes please

talk more about the major please


The length should be at least 5-6 pages long, double-spaced, MLA style. This page length does not include your Works Cited page. You will want to frame your essay in the following way:


Introduction: Here you will give me the subject, topic, and thesis of your essay. What kind of discussion are you getting involved in with this paper? What is at stake here?

• Outline of Opposing Side: In this section of your paper, you will respectfully outline the major points of the article that embodies the opposing side of the argument. This is more than a simple summary; consider the implications this author is positing and do the kind of textual analysis that we need to fully understand their point.

• Supporting Research Points: After outlining your opponent’s argument, you will cite your own research on the issue. This section should be a harmonious blend of evidence, textual analysis, and contextual analysis to make several points about the issue. Readers should understand the relevance of your research, and see it as a compelling argument against the opposing side’s arguments.

• Personal Stake: This is the part of the paper where I want to hear your own arguments in the issue. Your argument(s) need to be supported by and based on your personal stake in the matter. Give the issue a personal face; take it down to the individual level to help us understand what something grand and ideological like the erasure of coal mines would look like in a family dependent upon coal mining for financial stability.

• Conclusion: As you bring your argument to a conclusion, you have several strategies to consider. Here are a few: (1) Recap your thesis statement and summarize argument briefly to answer any reader who may be thinking “So what?” (2) Pose a question for further discussion to help your reader extend your ideas. (3) Call readers to act; challenge them to apply your writing to their own lives. (4) Make a prediction about what may happen if the issue you’ve just addressed is ignored. (5) Give a final scenario; if you used a story to frame your introduction, see if you want to return to that story at the end.


Again, remember to include a Works Cited page (MLA style).



You will receive comments rather than a grade on an initial draft and a “final for now” draft, determining your success at:


Narrowing a research question 

• Framing a clear thesis statement that answers your research question 

• Researching and selecting at least three credible sources (be sure sources are as current as possible and represent differing perspectives)

• Choosing appropriate rhetorical strategies for your audience(s) and purpose(s) 

• Organizing an argument that anticipates questions and deals with opposing viewpoints

respectfully and effectively 


Developing a focused argument with strong, specific support and clear transitions

• Integrating sources ethically and accurately (see Easy Writer

• Framing a strong conclusion 

• Voice—showing your personality and avoiding stuffy language while still being professional

• Proofreading—avoiding little mistakes that make great writing look messy! 


• Length—at least 5-6 pages 



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