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Our reading this module/week looked more closely at the challenges of being a Christian in tough business environments and also presented a typology for Christian business ethics. With this in mind, read chapter 2 from Hess & Cameron as they explored “putting people first” at FedEx Freight. For this discussion board, answer the following questions:


1.       Compare the way FedEx Freight sought to put people first with the way Scripture teaches us to put people first. What are the similarities and differences? How can leaders help develop a culture of “putting people first?”


2.       What Biblical connections can be made to the values displayed by FedEx Freight? Are these values discussed in current business/organizational literature?


The purpose of the Group Discussion Board (DB) Forums are to examine the ethical values displayed in various organizations, and view such in light of Scripture, the course text, and scholarly research. For each Group DB thread, write a 400–500-word thread that presents an analysis of the assigned case study from Hess & Cameron. Your thread will not summarize the article; instead, it will analyze that company’s values approach in light of Biblical truths and outside research. Support your assertions with at least 3 scholarly resources that have been published within the last 3 years, in addition to, a course text, and Scripture. Your thread must be in current APA format and must include a reference list. Please copy and paste your thread into the Group Discussion Board Forum (you may attach a copy to retain formatting – if needed). No title page or abstract are needed.



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