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Create a brief summary, including full citations, of three of your secondary sources. Each summary should be 150-250 words in length and should focus on the aspects of the source that are most relevant to your report. You should both summarize the source and briefly indicate how it is relevant to your report and could be incorporated into it.


I will list the sources in an attachement


example: Brown, Franklin C., Buboltz,Walter C.,,Jr, and Barlow Soper. "Development and Evaluation of the Sleep Treatment and Education Program for Students (STEPS)." Journal of American College Health 54.4 (2006): 231-7. ProQuest. Web. 8 Nov. 2017.

This article was helpful because it already recognized and validated the problems of sleep deprivation amongst college students. Its main focus is to help educate students on the signs, reasons, and harmful outcome of sleep deprivation. I like this because within the article it makes a good point that most students don’t even realize they are sleep deprived. Some may know they aren’t practicing the best sleeping habits, but think they can “catch up” on missed sleep during the weekends or with long and/or frequent naps. The article calls for psychoeducational intervention with students to make them well known to the negative effects of this and to offer them solutions so that they can stay on top of most importantly their health, and their education. The article also includes students of all levels of college in their study which I thought was both necessary to good results and helpful. It includes all from freshman to masters students and different majors as well.

Drayton, Winter, Cortnae Gullatt, and Leona M. Johnson. "SLEEP DEPRIVATION AMONG COLLEGE STUDENTS".ProQuest. Web. 8 Nov. 2017.

This article explores sleep deprivation amongst college students and correlates it with extracurricular activities including work and difficulty of major. The article conducts a survey amongst students and the results make up most of the reading. For example, it states that 70% of students reported receiving five to six hours of sleep during the work week and that more than two thirds of the population surveyed reported missing class or tests due to issues related to their sleep schedules. The article also talks about how students suffer from this both academically, physically, and psychologically. All these factors snowball and can cause even bigger problems for students, like depression. Final results of this survey determined that students who admit to being sleep deprived have characteristics that include being more anxious, less creative, more neurotic, and more prone to hallucinate. The article mentions a need for students to take later courses, not pile on the credits to as much as possible, and to cut back on activities outside of school in order to stay happy, healthy, and on top of grades. The article is helpful because it lays out all the problems associated with sleep deprivation.


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