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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/10/2017 09:00 pm

Step # 1: Please view and recall the terrific and entertaining film that you will watch by clicking on the link below.

Step # 2:  After watching the 60 Minutes video below on the Italian firm Luxottica, please answer the following questions in a short answer format.

Question # 1  Is this firm, in fact, a monopoly or not? Explain why it is, or it is not, in depth.

Question # 2  How can smaller competitors and or retailers compete against them? Refer to Porter's Five Forces of Analysis. Specifically refer to and cite firms like Warby and Parker.

Question # 3  What would YOU do to succeed if YOU were the owner of a firm that was one of their direct competitors?

Question # 4  If you were one of the owners of Luxottica, what other consumer product items should you offer for sale, or what other businesses should you consider entering?

You must clearly label each answer so that I can easily relate to your responses. 

 This essay assignment is due on 11/10 (Friday) 11pm Est.


cite your sources apa style please


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