Project #211242 - journal entry (150) words

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Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/10/2017 06:00 pm

For this week's journal entry, choose one of the questions/directives below and write your own answer/response in at least 150 words:

  1. Think about the stereotypes Alexie discusses in his essay "I Hated Tonto (Still Do)."  Can you think of specific examples of Native American stereotypes in TV shows or films that you've seen?  What about sports mascots?  Can you think of any specific examples of Native American stereotypes in contemporary American sports? Do you find these stereotypes offensive? If so, why? If not, can you understand why others might find them offensive?
  2. What types of issues do the Native American cartoons address?  What stereotypes or assumptions do the cartoons play off of?  What response do the majority of the cartoons intend to provoke?
  3. Mose Yellowhorse was a Pawnee Indian who played professional baseball.  Pay attention to how Fuller does not follow the traditional structure of a biography.  Instead, the style mimics Pawnee Indian storytelling. Do you think Fuller simply uses the image of a Native American playing baseball as an interesting subject matter for his poetry? Or does Fuller sincerely honor and respect Yellowhorse as a pioneer in the same vein as Jackie Robinson?


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