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You are to look at migration, forced migration, slavery, and other forms of displacement of people in your country(Taiwan); the week's materials serve as a guide to these issues, so make reference to them when appropriate. How has your country, and the world, changed due to migration and human displacement?

HUMAN MIGRATION: immigration, forced migration, slavery, refugees, displaced people...

War and conflict are some reasons why people move out of, or into, a country other than the one in which they were born.  We call this "international migration" - 3% of the world's population, over 200 million, are in countries other than the one they were born in (aside from tourists), usually for the purpose of 1) work, 2) escaping political problems, 3) due to war, development displacement. or natural disaster, 4) to live in a cheaper or safer place (as with US retirees in Baja, Mexico), 5) forced migration or dislocation as slaves or forced labor. 

For those who are paid, billions of dollars circulate globally due to "remittances", money sent to a home country by people working abroad.  Many poorer economies would collaps without the financial help of remittances, so migration for employment currently is a vital aspect of the world's economy, affecting nearly every nation yet most people do not know much about it. 

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