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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/11/2017 04:00 am

The project is about 4 questions. one paper answer for each Q. I will provide materials for each question and I need 5 intext citation for each question from its materials.

the questions:


Quick Reference Guide and write a narrative based on what you know about Administrative law with respect to formal and informal rulemaking and comment on what rules may have been broken by the SoCal gas company in Porter Ranch and by whom the laws were ignored?




choose a policy issue and examine it in light of the policy cycle. Be sure to discuss the relevance of each of the following in your answer:

 agenda setting, policy formulation, policy adoption policy implementation, policy evaluation, policy change and policy termination. Also, discuss the most important considerations at each step



Discuss Theory x and Theory Y with respect to the Porter Ranch gas leak crisis, write an essay that explains which one of these two theories is more plausible and why given the information



Discuss the differences in ethical responsibility that exist between a citizen and a public administrator  by answering the following questions:

·      Why should PA's be held to a bigger standard than a private citizen?

·      What conflicts of authority can exist for the PA?

·      What are the potential role conflicts that exist for the PA?

·      What are the consequences of these role conflicts?






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