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Please read all instructions prior to biding. Must be original work. Must follow all directions. Please use resources as you see appropriate.

Assignment: Final Project—Business Memo—Selecting the Organization to Study

Playing the role of a consultant to the general manager and/or CEO of your organization, your goal will be to make recommendations for how business information systems can best support the organization’s efforts in building and sustaining a competitive advantage, based on the weekly topics and themes:

  • This week: Roles and Actions

As a consultant, you will need to understand your organization from various perspectives. Often you will need to make assumptions about systems, processes, or operations if you are unable to find the exact information. In situations where you do not have access to such information, you are encouraged to study other organizations of similar size or in a similar industry that might have made such information public. Then you can draw conclusions about how that organization’s choices mirror yours. In other instances, you may have to make educated and reasonable assumptions based on what little information you can find, or what you think is true. When you make assumptions, be sure to document them. The validity of your assumptions could affect the soundness of your recommendations.

As a first step, you will need to select a company out of the two options provided. You will be researching and using this company as your own "case study" throughout many of the Discussions and Assignments for the balance of the course. Please review the following options to make your selection:

  • Wal-Mart (large retail chain)


  • (online business)

Once you have selected your organization, provide a (business style) memo addressed to the Instructor that does the following:

  • Identifies your chosen organization and your rationale for selecting it
  • Identifies at least five (5) resources you have found that you can use in your investigation and a strategy for further researching the organization or the industry in which it operates. Be sure to describe these resources and what types of relevant information they provide. You should provide the appropriate citation using APA format at the conclusion of your memo.
  • Identifies the types of information system management issues your organization will likely encounter at some point. Include some preliminary discussion about why these are important to address, and be sure to account for any assumptions you made in the process.

Refer to the Week 2 Application Assignment Rubric for specific grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use this rubric to assess your work.

General Guidance on Assignment Length: Your Week 2 memo to your Instructor describing your chosen organization will typically be 2–4 pages, excluding a title page and references (which are not necessary for this application).

Other Important Notes Related to Selecting the Organization You Will Study:

  • You will need to produce your recommendations based on analysis of documents and information that is publically available or that we provide to you.
  • You will need to be careful that no proprietary, sensitive, or confidential information is disclosed, should you have access to it.




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