Project #211305 - analytical report/proposal and writing Executive Summary.

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/11/2017 09:00 am

In Exercise 9 you will practice constructing analytical report/proposal and writing Executive Summary.

This exercise functions as part of developing a business report/proposal. You have been working on collecting information to develop this document and now, you will work on constructing a substantial document together but write the Executive summary on your own.

This assignment will be based on your reading Lesson 9 and collaborating with your group.


By completing this exercise, you will practice

  1. Construct and edit an analytical report/proposal.
  2. Practice collective writing methods
  3. Write an executive summary

These goals align with the following module level goals

  1. Define the purpose and key components of an analytical report/proposal. [CG]
  2. Construct an analytical report/proposal. [CG]
  3. Practice collective writing methods. [CG]

In this writing exercise you are asked to construct an analytical report/proposal described in Lesson 8 and compose an executive summary described in Lesson 9.


You should construct document draft (with your team) as a formal report/proposal with the appropriate headings and content elements and insert the executive summary (you compose individually) into the document.



Your submission will be evaluated based on how closely it reflects

  • professional tone and format of analytical reports/proposals,
  • coherence/flow of the document
  • strength of analysis
  • standard American English.
Formal requirements for the team report/proposal:
  1. The report should include the following parts:
  2. Title fly
  3. Title page (the submission date is the exercise submission date)
  4. Table of contents
  5. Executive summary (composed by you individually)
  6. Introduction (sketch)
  7. Body
  8. Ending
  9. Bibliography (titled as Works Cited and formatted in MLA style) and optionally, any other supplementary parts your team deems to be important
A//  At this point, you should worry only about
  • a relatively unified look as far as the consistency of the fonts and other graphic components are concerned (This can be the concern of the individual clean up for a later stage of the revision.)
  • the overall organization and coherence of the content, with a sensible flow/trajectory,
  • making sure that there is some sense transition between the different parts, so the overall report is coherent (just signal this when appropriate and will clean it up later), and
  • coming up with conclusion/recommendations (sketch),
  • and composing the executive summary. (This should be the focus of your individual work.)

B//  You do not have to worry about

  • the nuances of the formatting like lining up the table of contents perfectly with the page numbers and the formatting nuances. You will still work on this later in a cleaner version for the second major assignment,
  • matching the styles of writing exactly among the different members’ contributions (you will work on this later on).

See the attached sample reports of successful solutions.

You can download a copy of this instructions sheet here:

Intructions for Exercise 9 2007 F17.docxView in a new window

 Here is an example of successful past report/proposal solutions. This is the end result, and yours will not look like this at this juncture, but this will hopefully be helpful to imagine what you are aiming for:


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