Project #211306 - Report on Fabrication technology of surgical needles

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/17/2017 02:00 pm


I need help with a report that has to be 6 to 8 pages long. (All other details are attached in a word document named "Rules").

In said document, you will see an instruction that says "As far as the arrangement of the text, figures, and pictures, references, etc. is concerned, follow the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) format".

Now, to be able to do the format correctly, please find another document attached called "Sample of IEEE format". This sample was written by me for another topic, please follow this document's format to the best of your ability.

The topic of the report is Fabrication technology of surgical needles, but unfortunately, the professor has not provided us with much more details or direction of what he is expecting the report to be focusing on.
However, I think it should focus on the "technology" part, i.e. what are the technologies (specific machines and processes used) to making surgical needles. 

So far, these are the major headlines I came up with:

What are surgical needles (half to a full page)

Types of surgical needles (half to a full page)

Steps for making them and the technology of it (this obviously must be the "meat" of the report and therefore must be the majority of it. 4 to 6 pages)

Please, I encourage you to come up with more headlines if you can think of more and/or add subheadlines to the existing ones


Lastly, I will attach a notepad document that includes some links to websites and videos about the topic that you might find useful, at least as a starting point.
Also, I will attach a zip file of PDF files of all articles I was able to find (note that not all of them can necessarily be used).

The very last point which is the most important. I am very anxious about this report since it is worth 20% of the final mark, so if it's not done correctly, I might face the chance of failing the course. So I would like to ask you please to provide me with the first two pages you are able to write within the next 2 (3 MAX) days of you accepting this project. Not all, but two pages so that I can see you are heading in the correct direction!


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