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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/12/2017 08:00 pm

A. Present and explain a plausible version of soft determinism, in particular, giving appropriate example, sufficiently explain what this view implies about

-causation/determinism (consider both event and agent causation)

-the incompatibility of causation and freedom of will

-the freedom of will




B. Intuitively speaking, free acts are avoidable. That is, if I do something freely, then I can do this act or I can do something else instead.


What does soft determinism imply about free acts and avoidability? Relate your answer to causation, compulsion and flexibility of our responses to environment. Give examples if they help your explanations.


C. Discuss at least one problem encountered by the soft determinist account of free action and avoidability. Explain how soft determinists try to respond to this problem. Is their reply plausible or not? Why? 


Resources may use:

Kevin Timpe, “Free Will” (

Timothy O’connor, “Free Will” (


Sencerz,”Free will and determinism” (


700-1000 words


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