Project #211313 - stage 3 paper

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/14/2017 10:00 am

Scope:  6 – 8 pages   
 Directions:  You should turn in the following written products:
 1) A document that contains the following sections: an introduction, a research question, a literature review, and a reference page / bibliogrpahy. 2) Source material should be referenced using APA style for in-text citations. 3) A bibliography formatted in APA 6th ed. style. Format:  Papers must be typed, double-spaced in 12 point Times New Roman font with oneinch margins all around, in Microsoft Word format.  Each annotation must begin with a full citation to the journal/source, using standard APA format for in-text citations. Your paper should demonstrate an ability to write a reasonably error-free paper; writers should make sure that errors in the paper do not intrude upon the intended meaning and that the use of Standard English falls within the guidelines of acceptable college writing.  Research paper assignments will be submitted through Canvas LMS.
 Guiding Questions for Your Draft Research Paper:
ï‚· Is there an introduction? ï‚· Is the research question clearly stated? ï‚· Does the annotated bibliography and outline support the content of the research paper? ï‚· Are similar research findings from multiple sources grouped?  ï‚· Are conflict and agreement identified among the previous researchers? ï‚· Is the information integrated from sources throughout the paper? ï‚· Is the introduction an appropriate length (one to two pages)? ï‚· Is the discussion of the research question an appropriate length (one to two pages)? ï‚· Is the literature review an appropriate length (four to six pages)? ï‚· Are the sources cited appropriately in the text using APA format? ï‚· Submit a reference page or bibliography in APA format? ï‚· Adhere to the manuscript requirements (see above)? ï‚· Free of obvious spelling and grammatical errors?


ASSESSMENT for STAGE # 3 – Draft Research Paper
Point value:  150
Key assessment criteria Pts. Introduction and research question (2 – 4 pgs)…
Is there an introduction section that describes the purpose of the research and why it is important?
Is there a clearly stated research question?
Is there a discussion of how the research question was refined to be clearer, more focused, and sufficiently complex?
Literature review (4 – 6 pgs)…
Were at least 5 scholarly sources used as the basis for the literature review? 10 Did the student group similar research findings and it synthesize the findings from the 5 scholarly articles? 30 Did the student cite other scholar’s work appropriately in the text? This includes the APA 6th ed. format as well as the presence of a cite. 20 Was the draft written from the student’s annotated outline and synthesis matrix? 10 Paper mechanics…
Is it an appropriate length (six to eight pages)?
Did the student submit a reference page or bibliography in APA 6th ed. style? 14 Did the student adhere to the manuscript requirements? Double spaced? One inch margins all around? Name include in the upper right hand corner Pages numbered in the lower right hand corner? 10 to 12 point font? Free of obvious spelling and grammatical errors? 12 Total Points 150


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