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Your role:  your the Executive Housekeeper of a5-star, luxury hotel and it's your responsibility to respond to guests' situations related to housekeeping.  How would you respond to the scenarios below?   Please answer both scenarios.

Scenario #1:  "Your maid are thieves!," said the very angry middle-aged woman speaking to you.   I am in Room 405 and when I left my room this morning, I put my $20,000 diamond earrings on the night stand.  When I came back to my room this afternoon, they were gone!  I want you to tell your maid to give me back my diamond earrings or I'm calling the cops and I am suing your hotel!  My husband is a lawyer!"

Scenario #2:  You received a phone call from this lady from London who has been travelling for vacation the past three weeks.  She had a bad case of bed bugs bites all over her legs that appeared when she came home.   She said thatshe was 100% sure that there were bed bugs in Room 100 where she stayed at your hotel two weeks ago.    She wants you to reimburse her full stay, totals $750.

250 words minimum.


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