Project #211336 - Political Science: Argumentative style essay.

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/12/2017 08:00 pm

Please read the detail and prompt
No plagrism, it should trun in to TURNITIN website.
Attached the file Federalist 78.pdf
Don't citation from any books. You can citation from Federalist 78 papers and google such as  blog or news that has link addresse(it should be write in the work cite section)

Directions: Following the Prompt to write an argumentative style paper. You will need to develop a strong thesis and support it with citations/analysis of the reading. The objective of this assignment is to formulating an understanding of the reading; develop a strong argument supported by a close reading and analysis of your selected text.

Format: 12pt. font, double-spaced, 1in. margins, standard MLA documentation for citations. 4-5 pages with attached bibliography.

-Introduction should include a thesis statement that is CLEAR, CONSISE and establishes the CONTEXT of your analysis.

-The body of your paper should use direct textual evidence for your selected Federalist Paper with Citations to support your thesis. Cited passages should be followed by your own analysis.

What is the most significant argument made in Federalist 78? Why is the argument so important to understanding the founding conception of the Presidency? Please use passages fro the text to support your claim. Explain why the passages you choose support your thesis.


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