Project #211358 - Who Represents Me and Mine?

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300 word essay that answers the given questions. APA format with citations. 


Democracy depends upon informed citizens. What Jefferson never imagined two centuries ago, was that we’d be awash with information in the 21st C., some of it excellent, and some quite dubious, some of it highly one-sided, and some objective and fair. So being informed is not enough. Choosing which sources of information to use and using sources well, become all the more important. This assignment therefore requires you to find information about your political representative, and about their view on a topic important to you, AND to describe the process by which you found that information, and concluded it was useful and reliable. Your guide to completing this assignment includes the questions I ask below, and the rubric on the back side of this page. The rubric is there to give you guidance on how to search and use information. As part of this assignment, you must use citations for this essay using the APA format.


What to address in your essay:

1) Given the Congressional district in which you live, who is your representative in the Federal House of Representatives? What is their political party?

2) Think of an important issue or concern you have as a citizen. Find out your representative’s position on that issue. Find a spoken or written statement they have made on it, and quote it (properly using APA format). Have they ever voted on legislation related to it? Briefly report the position they take on the issue, and discuss if their views agree with yours.

3) Describe in detail how you went about answering the questions above: Where did you find the information? Was it a non-partisan source? What is a “non-partisan” source and why is that important? Provide an exact citation for whatever source (or sources) you used in APA format. Make sure you elaborate on your reasoning regarding your chosen source: for example, explain in detail how you found and why you used that source rather than another. Did you use the first bit of information you found--why or why not? Why were you confident the source you used was an accurate account of the representative’s views? Did the source provide evidence that the information is reliable? What do you know of the author, or the author’s organization or publisher, and why do you trust their information over other sources?


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