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1) Observe and review the idea Dr. Galloway discusses in the first 30 seconds of the video, regarding the child who displays little to no head control. When presented with a reason to use his/her "head muscles" to look up (making the car go) the child all of a sudden has the ability to "lift" his/her head.

2) Describe and explain why the phenomonon of "All of a sudden they can move" is important to biomechanical analysis of all individuals during a movement?

3)  During a practice or training session are there muscles, movements, or situational skills your clients/players are not using/doing because they do not have reason to? How can you create a reason to use/do those muscles/movements in a practice setting to allow for more dynamic player movement or for the establishment of a biomechanically correct/efficient skill movement pattern?


The post of at least 250 words in response to the main question does not have to be in APA.


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