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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/13/2017 12:00 am

Post your reflection of what you learned from this unit. 
General guidelines: a good discussion board post will describe the concept learned along with 1 or 2 supporting examples. In addition, wherever possible, you should relate your descriptions and explanations of the the concepts, theories and research in personal application to your life or someone you know. Please avoid expressing an unfounded opinion – try to base your arguments on research studies and conclusions, or a theory that seems well supported by the research in the field. One paragraph meets the requirement for the post. You may however, post up to two paragraphs if you like.

You must respond to at least 2 other posts in Discussion Boards to receive full credit.  Posts to others must be minimum 4 sentences. Sentences such as "I like your post", "I agree with you","Great job", "Thank You for sharing" are not substantial and do not count towards the 4 sentence minimum. Using "i" for "I" will result in an automatic 10 point deduction. 



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