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Module 8 Discussion Board: Annotated Bibliographies

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Read the following content page

  • How to Write a Summary

View a video about writing Annotated Bibliographies, found on this page: 

  • Video: Annotated Bibliographies, An Illustrated Guide 

And study three pages from the Purdue OWL found on this page:

  • Links to Purdue OWL pages

Initial post writing prompt: Based on the information in the pages and video, summarize one point from "How to Summarize" one point from the video, and one point from each of the pages that I linked to in the page "Links to Purdue OWL pages" that stood out to you (you should have a total of five-  organize these in a numbered list or bullets).  
Next, ask your peers a clarifying question about any points from the pages or video.  (100-200 words)

Response prompt: In order to receive credit on this assignment, you must respond to at three one of your peers' questions.  This should be complete and thoughtful. Do not quote from the pages - put your answer in your own words and try to explain concepts in different ways than the content pages so that your peers better understand.  (50-100 words) 


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