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We are looking for a two page paper (APA) with references on the following:

The first "test-tube baby", Louise Brown, was born almost 40 years ago. Sperm from her father was combined with an egg cell from her mother. The fertilized egg cell was then placed into the mother's uterus for the period of gestation. At the time of Louise's conception, many people were very concerned about the ethics of scientists performing these in vitro fertilizations. Now, in vitro fertilization is quite common.

Today, scientists are working to regenerate organs. I highly encourage you to check out this piece:  It is amazing work! (If you don’t have time to read it thoroughly, watch this video (<3minutes): . Since I heard of this research (2008), I have been following Dr. Taylor's work. You can see some of her recent developments here: . Research on organ regeneration is making great strides and may one day become a reality.


Do you think that cloning organs or embryonic treatments will eventually be as commonplace as in vitro fertilizations are now? What might influence your own decision to support these technologies or those that research them? Defend your responses.



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