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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/12/2017 12:00 am

(Max 3 pages total excluding references page)

1-Learn about the details of Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a recently reached trade agreement among the Pacific Rim countries. Write a brief summary (1 page, 1.5 space 12 pt font) of the key elements and its potential impact it may have on your country of origin (whether it borders Pacific Ocean or not). Provide a list of at least 5 references you have consulted searching for the facts about TPP (excluding Wikipedia).


2- Describe both your best and worst customer experience with a Service (it can be two separate instances)

·      Describe the service(s).

·      Describe your expectations with regard to the service.

·      How did the service perform with regard to your expectations?

·      Why do you think it counts as your best/worst experience?


3-Write a short summary (1 page, 1.5 spaced 12 pt font) on the environmental impact of the product that your team is developing over its lifecycle. (team project “Household windmill”).



Use: In-text citation and bibliography of all references. 1.5 space 12 pt font for all content, pages should be numbered.


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