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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/12/2017 12:00 pm

choose a contemporary ethical issue in the fields of computer and information, collect related information, and express your understanding. Examples can be found in the link provided in the previous announcement. In the past, applications of drone, big data, autonomous driving were discussed by students in their term papers. But the application needs to be specific. 


The citation of references can be either in IEEE format or APA format and all references must be cited in the context at appropriate places. 


***from the link

Q: In terms of a topic for our paper, how close can it be to the topics of the research papers that we get ideas from? Are we free to take a topic directly from a paper, or must we create our own topic from the papers? Also, when posting our topic, do we just post the subject of the paper, or are we supposed to go deeper than that?

R: you can use the topic of a paper, but you must not copy the content of that paper. When posting in BB, post your topic of choice not the subject or title of the paper.




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