Project #211418 - 7 page paper on materialism

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Paper #2

For this paper you must come up with a topic that is generated from a piece of literature or approved pieces, at least 100 pages in length, and be able to defend an argument based on that topic. You must include three pieces of research in this second paper. I must approve them as academic sources. This paper must be as universal as possible.

Paper Focus:

The focus of this paper is a fight with literature as the background. You must crush the opposing side of the argument and develop a stance on the pieces chosen. I expect that you will utilize all of the skills we have talked about to defeat your opposition.

This Paper Must...

  • Convince your reader that you are right.

  • Make use of at least one reasoning technique.

  • Use a strong thesis statement to define your argument.

  • Prove your side thoroughly with the use of examples.

  • Contain three sources

  • Contain three direct quotes

  • Contain an abstract

    Paper Specifics:

    • Paper #2 must be 5 pages in length.

    • Be Universal

    • You must type each draft with no greater than 12 point Times New Roman font.

    • You must double space.

    • Your name, my name and the class name should appear on the top left hand

      corner of your first page in MLA format.

    • Pages must be numbered, starting on the first page.

    • You must include all drafts with your final revision. 


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