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Each essay must be 450 words and sources must be cited thank you!


Week 8:

1.      What can we know factually about the historical Jesus? What are the limitations placed upon our knowledge? How can historical and critical study aid us in a more complete understanding of the Jesus tradition? Do you think it is possible that Christ was not a real person? If there are things about his life that are not historically true is the Jesus narrative that has been handed down to us enough?


2.       Select one of the Gospel segments (Mark, Matthew, Luke or John) and answer the following questions. When was it written? Who wrote it? To whom (what group of Christians) was it written? How is it like or unlike the other Gospels? What are some of the major points that are emphasized in the Gospel and what does it tell us about Jesus? Why do these Gospels survive in their use today while other early Christian scripture do not?


3.       Why do you think scholars have often suggested that St. Paul does more to influence the direction and theology of Christianity than Christ himself? Who is Paul’s ministry aimed at? How and why did he write these Epistles? What were the early communities that Paul addressed in his letters like? How does Paul’s Roman citizenship aid in his spread of the faith




Week 9:

1.      Outline some of the prime directives (major beliefs)  in Islam along with a description of some of the major branches.


2.      4 Write an essay about Sufism



Week 10:


1.      Outline the growth and development of Christianity in any one area outside Western Europe or North America (Japan, China, Africa, Russia, Mexico, South America, Caribbean, etc.).


2.         Write an essay about Eastern Orthodoxy including aspects that you have found interesting and essential to a balanced discussion


3.        How is The Study of Religion different from Philosophy and Theology? How is it the same? Reflect on some of the major early figures who shaped The Study of Religion.



Week 11:

1. Trace the history and philosophy of the Sikh faith.


2.What are your thoughts on Baha’i? How did the movement begin and continue to sustain itself into the modern period.







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