Project #211450 - plant research term project: folklore, myths and supersitions

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/12/2017 05:00 pm

Plant Research Term Project: Folklore, Myths and Superstitions (basic on the project i did before, and i will send the project individually after i assigned)

Now it is time to research the folklore, myths and stories that have built up around your chosen herb. To critically think, you must be able to separate entertaining and possibly traditional cultural practices from serious fact-based effectiveness.

Format for Plant Project: This section will include the following and each of these should have headings bolded and underlined:

  • Title Page including your name, date, chosen herb, and word count
  • Short introduction
  • Stories, Myths, Superstitions about your chosen plant
  • Identify clearly the cultural origin of the story
  • Reference citations
  • Include  pictures as illustrations. Make sure they are integrated nicely in the text, not separate or all at the end. Also make sure they are an appropriate size.
  • 1500 words, include the word count please. -5 pts for no word count and ZERO for a false word count.
  • I
  • 40 points

Make sure Turnitin score and see that it is less than 10%.

(my budget no more than 30)


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