Project #211469 - physics news

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Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/11/2017 11:59 pm

General Instructions for News

  1. News must be on Physics or Astronomy. ___
  2. It must be "news" not a rehash of something already known.
  3. The level must be understandable (or almost understandable) to this class. ___
  4. Must be dated the same day (or month for a magazine) you turn it in. If you find it on the web it counts as web news. ___
  5. A few sentences IN YOUR OWN WORDS summarizing the new results.
  6.  Include the reference (URL) to the article. The user will look there for more detail. __
  7. I don't expect you to understand too much but give some personal reactions. ___
  8. Your reaction must be about the specific article not about vague generalities!
  9. If you find it on the web it counts as a web source regardless of the original source.


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