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Interest groups on Health professionals. As you were reading, what stood out to you? Why? Now, construct your paper around these topics and terms which gained your interest and relate them to your life, current events, news coverage, or one specific government office, government decision, or government decision-maker. If your topic is historical, do some research on its origins as well as current relevance. If your topic is controversial, do some research on its origins and discuss both sides, including your opinion and reasons for it. Facts and figures are good to include. Quotes from those with experience in the matter are good to include as well. This assignment will be good practice for future classes and for you to be able to write a paper swiftly, in proper form, and to express the ideas around which your paper centers. As always, be clear, observe the format and length requirements (MLA format; minimum of 1200-1600 words), and be sure to cite your work.


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