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4 slides power point about (Saint John Chrysostom Albanian Orthodox Church)Philadelphia, PA

Assuming that one exists, find a website of your destination to work on the logistics of visiting. Visit, think, observe, reflect, take photos, and take notes in consideration of the following questions:


What is the Philadelphia sacred space you chose? Why did you choose it? What is its address? What are the hours it is open? Or who do you need to contact for them to open it for you (only for sites that are ‘by permission only’).
What is the entrance fee?

What forms of transportation are available to take you to the site?
If you are taking a bus, regional rail or subway, what line or what stop will you take or use?
If a car, where is parking, and how much will it cost?
What year was your sacred space established?
What social forces influenced its establishment and what social forces might shape its future? What is the history of the site?
What do you think that the future holds for the site, and why?
Who uses the sacred space today?
Did you take a tour? Who gave it? What did you learn that most impressed you?

Power Point Presentation:

Submit a brief power point presentation, with four slides:
1) The outside of the place with you in front of it, including a title and your name;
2) Essential information, such as denomination, address, date of foundation, name of founder, interesting facts etc.;
3) the closest intersecting street signs, from enough of a distance to have a glimpse of the immediate surroundings; and
4) the thing that interested you most and a brief statement as to why 

please be aware of the guidelines 


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