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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/12/2017 12:00 pm

After you download the Excel data file associated with this assignment, please look through the data, and then respond to the following questions that are used to assess your higher-level thinking about issues of communicating information. This assignment asks you to think about when analysis tools like charts, sorts, Pivot Tables are useful for business decisions. 


  1. (25 points) Your boss sends you this Excel file and tells you to “makes sense of it” before she returns from a conference.  In narrative format, (two paragraphs about 500 words) do the following: (a) summarize the information collected in the spreadsheet – what is this information about? (b) what department do you imagine you are working in if this information is being collected? 



  1. (75 points) By using analysis tools in Excel, write an executive report highlighting the three most important things the department (from b above) may take away from this dataset.  For each of the three important items list (1) the piece(s) of information that is important, (2) why this finding is one of the top three most important things you found, (3) the evidence in the form of a screen shot of your finding (for example a Pivot Table that shows evidence of your finding).  


This project need to be done in 12 hours, make sure you can do this before bid. 





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