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I need to write about
How do businesses implement a calendar program once chosen? (not corporations)

It needs to be at least 600 words summary in own words.

I need 3 sources cited as chicago style.

The sources must come from library periodical index(scholary journal). (Ebsco is a search engine to use within the electronic library.) Each sources needs to be at least 800 words long in order to be a source.

I also need full text of the original article as PDF or text pasted into separate word document and explain what each the article is talking about.

For example

Willman, John. "Gender Pay Gap Widens." Financial Times. September 5, 2007. Accessed March 11, 2014. According to Willman, "women are being promoted more rapidly than men and are more likely to be paid a bonus but are falling further behind male colleagues in terms of overall pay." A survey done by The survey by the Chartered Management Institute and Remuneration Economics found that female managers earned 12.2% less than male managers, a gap that had gone up from the previous year's percent of 11.8%. For directors, the pay gap had gone up to 23% from the previous year's 19.8%. It seems that the gendered pay gap is getting worse, rather than better (at least in Great Britain, where this study took place). "It is clear that the pull of promotion is not being matched by parity in pay," said Jo Causon of the Chartered Management Institute. "Despite the weight of legislation and the reality that reward should match responsibility, gender bias seems to be getting worse, not better." The number of female managers and directors has seemed to have gone up, with 35.7% compared to the previous year's 31% of managers and directors being female. The average female team leader's age is 37, five years younger than the average male team leader. The average female department heads are three years younger than their male counterparts, and the average female directors are four years younger than the male directors. Women are getting promoted much faster, yet are somehow still earning less. For bonuses, the study found that women's bonuses were typically 10.2% of their incomes, as opposed to 13.8% bonuses for men. Despite the fact that women are working hard enough to be promoted before their male counterparts, they are still not receiving equal compensation. Perhaps due in part to this pay disparity, the number of resignations among women have been on the rise, with 7.8% of women versus 6.4% of men handing in resignations. Val Lawson, who chairs the Women in Management Network, said: "The fact that the proportion of women in senior positions continues to grow is encouraging, but their increasing likelihood to resign is a cause for concern." A major reason for this increased likelihood among women for resignation, apart from pay inequity is the fact that they have to balance work with familial responsibilities, which often conflict with professional responsibilities and timetables. "If employers allow this trend to continue the knowledge gap in UK organizations will be exacerbated at the very time we are trying to challenge the skills crisis."



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