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Changes to the Constitution




Since the Civil War ended in Spring, 1865, the people of the United States have ratified 15 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.  Overall, what has been the impact of those 15 Amendments?  This is a rather open-ended topic.  Examine and analyze Amendments 13-27 and look for a pattern, some overarching theme to the changes of the past 151 years.  Put your thoughts into a thesis, and then use those 15 Amendments to support your argument.


You will need a copy of the text of the original US Constitution (there is one in the back of the textbook – the sections in italics are the original parts that have been removed), and you need a copy of the amendments (which are also in the textbook right after the US Constitution).   You do not need to do any other outside research, and in fact, you are discouraged from doing any outside research.  I want your analysis (not someone else’s) of how the Constitution has been changed over the past 151 years.


If you do engage in any outside research, then you need to cite every source you use for every idea and piece of information you provide.  However, if you only use the Constitution and the amendments and your own thoughts and analysis without any outside help, then you will not need endnotes. However, always include a bibliography of every source used.


Consider this a research paper, and I have given you your sources.  This is not an opinion paper, or a current events discussion.  It is a research paper, analyzing what has been changed within the US Constitution since 1865.


Technical Information:


Your essay must be four full pages, minimum.  Anything less than four full pages will lose points.   You are allowed to go beyond four pages.  Please double space the text.



As I said, you only need to use the U.S. Constitution and the amendments.  Outside research is unnecessary and not to be used.  But if you use someone else’s ideas anyway, be sure to cite them.


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