Project #211536 - Off-the-Grid Experiment

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/19/2017 12:00 pm

Off-the-Grid Experiment


This extra credit assignment is designed to deepen one’s understanding of the proliferation of function creep and data exhaust – two concepts that are important to understand in today’s data-rich environment.  Function creep refers to data collected for one purpose and then used for another, unintended purpose.  Data exhaust is the term used to describe all the data we produce while going about our daily lives.  The activity is simple and scalable just follow these rules:


1.     Pick a time before week 10 to conduct the experiment for 48 hours and commit to live off-the-grid during that time.

2.     Define the extent to which you will be off-the-grid.  For example:

a.     No social media,

b.     No ATM – bank teller only

c.     No debit and credit cards – cash only

d.     No cell phones

e.     Cell phone voice calls only

f.      No online activities requiring a sign-in

g.     No email

h.     Etc etc….

3.     Keep a record of your activities and what it was like for you during the experiment. 

4.     You may write up your findings in 750 words

Do not pretend to do this activity. 


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