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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/27/2017 12:00 am

We have learned about environmental technologies for hazardous waste site remediation.  Let’s investigate what is occurring at a hazardous waste site near you.  Go to EPA and find a hazardous waste site near you.  In a well-written report about your chosen hazardous waste site, please provide the following:

  • Brief history of the hazardous waste site.  (10 points possible)
  • Brief discussion of the main chemicals that makes this site a hazardous waste site. (5 points possible)
  • Explain the remediation technologies proposed or used to remediate this hazardous waste site. (30 points possible)
  • Explain the basis of reaching the conclusion on why those technologies should be used including relevant regulations that needed to be met. (20 points possible)
  • Explain the monitoring plan for this site. (10 points possible)
  • Discuss the hazardous waste levels the remediation is expected to bring this site to. (10 points possible)
  • Discuss what the hazardous waste site can be used for after remediation and why. (5 points possible)
  • Provide relevant citations and references. (10 points possible)

Please use tables and figures to help illustrate your points whenever possible!


Write the requirements above in a concise report, name the file name beginning with your last name, and submit it into your assignment folder.


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