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Chapter 14 

  1. Locate and read a non-fiction story about a juvenile's addiction to drug use. One classic is the 1960s book Go Ask Alice, which is the diary of a teenage girl who fights addiction. There are also numerous celebrities who were addicted to drugs when they were juveniles.  There are a large number of these non-fiction stories that are equally interesting. You may also use a long magazine article. However, it MUST focus on a particular person with an addiction problem, not on drug use in general.
  2. When you have completed your reading, answer the following questions:
    • Why did this juvenile become addicted to drugs? Did he or she ever seem to be in control of the drug use?
    • What personality traits may have contributed to the addiction? What social factors? What other factors? How does this story end, and why?
    • What could have prevented this drug addiction from ever occurring?
    • Include the URL or other resource that you used, and be sure to identify the individual.

section 2

Complete these short essay questions:


  1. Explain the difficulties in accurately defining a gang, gang member, and gang-related crime.
  2. Describe the major responses to gangs.
  3. Explain the concept of a chronic juvenile offender.

section 3

Go to the FBI website and compare the number of "total incidents" of Texas, New York, and New Jersey as compared with the population of each state. Discuss with your fellow students why New Jersey has such a larger number of incidents with half the population.

Read and summarize about the pro and con of the Death Penalty, select a search site and share your position on any issue and the report with fellow students.

Go to the following website: CBS and read the article on a Drug Raid at South Carolina High School and discuss your feelings about this situation with your fellow class members.

Go to a "search engine", type in "Terrorism," find a selection discussing terrorism and discuss your findings with your fellow class members


section 4


Should terror suspects arrested in a foreign land be given the same rights and privileges as an American citizen of crime?

In light of the 9/11 attack, should acts of terrorism be treated differently from other common-law violent crimes?


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