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So I have another paper do for my Special education department 410 class due Monday at 12 pm it is 2 pages look and from the reading here is the book and the chapter and remember I have to base it around my history class and inclusion of individuals with disabilities.

Turnbull, A., Turnbull, H. R., Wehmeyer, M. L. & Shogren, K. A. (2013). Exceptional

Lives: Special Education in Today’s Schools (8th Edition). Pearson
Textbook: Chapter 15 
Here is the Prompt

1. How do you think optimism may help facilitate a longer, and/or happier life for individuals with physical and other health disabilities?

2. What barriers (e.g., individual, family, school, community) might prevent individuals from maintaining an optimistic outlook?

3. How can educators support young people in maintaining optimism and hope in the face of living with a disability?

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