Project #211582 - Exercise 3 MKT

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Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/15/2017 12:00 am

 You will need to support your answers with data (why do you say this?).  Think about how you want to present your results.
 Use the final SONOS questionnaire ( Sonos Codebook.doc) and dataset (MKT-220 ( Sonos Final_Data with weights.SAV)
 (5 points) What is the distribution of gender and age for all respondents in the sample?
 (5 points) What streaming music services company has the highest share of paid subscribers? 
 (5 points) What brand has the highest awareness? 
 ( 5 points )  What are the top uses for voice enabled smart speaker?
 (5 points)  What features are most important in buying a product to listen to music at home?
 (5 points) Are folks more likely to buy a voice enabled smart speaker or a wireless (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) speaker ?
 ( 10 points ) Profile the demographics of folks that are likely to buy a Voice enabled smart speaker (Top2 Box) - (Age, Gender, Marital Status, Employment Status, Kids and income)
 (10 points ) Pick 2 brands and compare them (Q15).



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