Project #211604 - Mass media and Society

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/14/2017 07:00 pm

2 -3 paragraphs. Original no plagirism work.


readings are on feminism, postfeminism and discourses of masculinity, including Chapters 20 & 21 in O'Shaughnessy and the book The Beauty Myth. You also should have screened the documentary Tough Guise materials and the video documentary Miss Representation. Please discuss this week's readings and videos here.

Feel free to answer some of the following questions, or simply write on a similar topic.

What stood out the most to you about this week's readings?
What information from this week's readings surprised you? Why?
What information was exciting? Why?
What information was confusing? Why? Is there anything you would like to have clarified?
What does feminism mean to you? What is your take on its relevancy in your own life? In society today?
What does postfeminism mean to you? Does the concept make sense?

What are your thoughts on our discourses of masculinity? How did you like the excerpt from the film Tough Guise?
What do you think about Naomi Wolf's argument and analysis of beauty and how it functions in women's lives?

What do you think of Miss Representation's arguments about the representation of women in the media? 
What points do you agree with? disagree with? Do any points leave you uncertain as to where you personally stand?


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