Project #211611 - (Media and Society) Full paper 10-15 pages, read instructions submit paper idea with introduction before 11/14/2017. No plagiris

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Original Idea paper. Paper in APA format. (Media and Society) Full paper 10-15 pages, read instructions submit paper idea with introduction before 11/14/2017. Final paper due 11/19/2017 eastern time. No plagirism. Going through turnitin checker.


Below, please find the complete instructions for the final paper. Please read these instructions in full before you submit a topic idea, to ensure that you comprehend what this assignment asks of you.

This week, submit a topic idea to me. Tell me the following:

1. Which single media text will you analyze for your final project? (If it is a television show, be sure to choose a single episode from that show.) 

2. Describe your selected media text to me briefly. Assume I'm unfamiliar with it. Tell me why it interests you.

3. Which category or categories from the SEARCH acronym will you use in your analysis?

4. Which type of analysis will you use to write your paper--semiotic, narrative, discourse, or feminist?

Then, in a separate document, submit a draft of the introduction to the paper, per the instructions below.

I will review your topic choices and introduction draft, and provide you with feedback intended to strengthen your final project.

For your reference, the complete assignment details are below.

Summary: For your final project, you will write a 10- to 15- page paper in which you engage with some aspect of the media environment and consider its societal implications from a critical standpoint.

Please see the bottom of this page for links to samples of completed final projects from previous sessions of this course.


Choose a single media text to engage with. You may choose a movie, an episode of a television program, an issue of a magazine, a television advertisement, a print advertisement, a public service announcement, etc. You will offer a critical analysis of the media text, considering its societal implications.

In writing your paper, you must use the following analytical tools:

1. At least one of the categories from the SEARCH acronym, and

2. One (and only one) of the following types of analysis: O'Shaughnessy Book

·         Semiotic analysis (see chapters 8-10)

·         Discourse analysis (see chapters 11-14)

·         Narrative analysis (see chapters 15-17)

·         Feminist analysis (see chapters 20-21)

You will write 10-15 pages total, including cover sheet and works cited.


Please use the following structure, and use the headlines listed below to as subheadings to separate the sections of your paper.

Cover Sheet (1 page)

Your Name
Course Name and Number
Project Title

I. Introduction (1/2 to 1 page)
Offer an overview of what you will discuss in your paper. State which of the SEARCH acronym items you will use and which type of analysis you will use.

II. Description of Media Text (3-5 pages)
This should be a simple description of the media text you selected. Do NOT analyze the media text here. Simply go over the facts. You should use sources from the Internet and the library databases, and you MUST cite them – both intext and in a works cited—using APA or MLA style.

A. Commercial History

Begin by explaining where this text is located and its commercial history.

·         If it's a television show, on what network does it air, at what time? When did it debut and end, or if it is still in production, how long has it been running? Who created it? Who directs it? How popular is it? Who is the intended audience?

·         If it's a movie, when was it released, by which studio? Who directed it? How popular was it when it was in the theaters? Find info on its box office gross and DVD profits, if you can. Who is the intended audience?

·         If it's an advertisement, when was it released, and where? What ad agency produced it? Is it part of a larger advertising campaign? (Hint: Advertising Age, Ad Weekly, and Advertising Redbooks may help you learn this info.) Who is the intended audience?

B. Description of Text

Describe the text in detail. Be sure to address the following questions in your own words, based on your own viewing of the text. Do NOT refer to summaries on Wikipedia, IMDB, etc. It is very important that you write this description yourself, from scratch.

·         If it’s a movie, give a summary of the plot. What’s it all about? Who are the main characters? What do they do? When does the story take place, and where?

·         If it’s a television episode, do the above, but also explain what the series as a whole is like. Where does this episode fit in the series as a whole? Are there ways the episode differs from others in the series or stands out in some way?

·         If it’s an advertisement, both summarize its plot (as much as it has a plot— this will vary from ad to ad). Carefully describe the people and setting of the ad. If it’s part of a larger campaign, describe the campaign and explain how this ad fits in the campaign as a whole. Are there ways the ad differs from others in the campaign or stands out in some way?

C. Figure: Image(s) Representing Text
On a single page, include an image representing your text. (Note: This DOES count towards your page count, but it should only be a single page. If you feel you must include additional pages, you can do so, but they will not count towards your final page count.)

·         If it is a print ad, include a reproduction of the ad. If it is a movie, include the movie poster or DVD cover. If it is a television episode, include a print ad for the program or the DVD cover (if it has had a DVD release). If it is a television commercial, find a screen shot from the commercial. If it’s a print ad, find it online or scan it from a magazine. (Scanners are available for your use in the Communications computer lab if you need them.)

·         Beneath the image, write a caption stating what is depicted and listing the source of your image. If you found it on the internet, include the site’s name and the complete URL where the image may be located. 

D. Rationale: Why This Text?
In a paragraph or two, explain why you are going to analyze this text. Why did you choose it? What made it stand out to you? If it’s an episode of a tv show or an ad that is part of a larger campaign, why did you choose this particular episode or ad, when there were so many others to choose from? Be specific.

For example, you might decide to write about The Golden Girls and use the “A” for “Age” and the “S” for “Sex” in the SEARCH. You might additionally decide to use feminist analysis as your approach. Your rationale might then read something like this:

I chose to analyze this episode of The Golden Girls using feminist analysis because it humorously but sympathetically depicts the dating exploits of Blanche. As we learned in this class and from The Beauty Myth, older women are often not included in mass media. When they are, sometimes they are used in unflattering ways—as witches in
fairy tales, or as people who need a makeover in fashion magazines. The idea this conveys is that they when women grow older, they are no longer valuable or desirable. This is worth critiquing from a feminist standpoint because youth and beauty are not everything, and furthermore, it is a double standard. When men get older, they are seen as still valuable, as the Louis Vuitton ads we analyzed in class showed.

I was curious to explore what this popular sitcom had to say about the sex appeal of older women. Because the episode depicts Blanche as interesting, attractive, and empowered, I thought it might offer an interesting counterpoint to the usual depiction of older women. However, as we will see, the depiction is not 100% positive; there are
still aspects of her portrayal that follow stereotypes. Overall, however, it is an interesting episode that deserves critical analysis.

Note: This section will serve as a transition between parts III and IV of your paper.

III. Analysis of Media Text (4 pages or more)
Here, present an analysis of your media text. Be sure to use either semiotic, discourse, narrative, or feminist analysis as your approach. Consider at least one of the categories from the SEARCH acronym as you write.

The major question you should answer in this section is: What does the media text you selected communicate about certain people in society? It should fit with the rationale you offered in part III D.

If your focus shifts a bit as you write your analysis, that is okay. Simply go back and alter your introduction and part III D when you are done, to keep everything unified in focus.

IV. Conclusion (1/2 to 1 page)
Briefly summarize the main points of your paper. What is the most important information that you would like your reader to come away from your paper with?

V. Works cited (+/- 1 page)
You will need a works cited page in APA or MLA style. Include one citation for the textbook, one for the media text you selected, and one for each citation you use in part III.

If you happen to use sources anywhere else in your paper, be sure to include a citation for those other sources, as well.




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