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I am planning to write my dissertation about "Islamaphobia in the media: how it shapes attitudes in society towards Islam and Muslims" this is only a proposal, and I have included what to answer in the description below.

- write about how islam has been portrayed since 9/11, 7/11 and many other islamic related events that have happened.

- islamophobia in the media

- relationship between islam and the west

- politics and islam

Section 1: Proposal (approximately 300 words)


This section needs to outline the main focus of your dissertation. Most importantly, you need to provide clear details of the topic of your dissertation and its main arguments. Try to avoid being too general. ‘This dissertation aims to look at the role of gender in Journalism’ – statements like this tell us very little. Wherever possible give precise details about the topic you are focusing on and the kind of journalistic and news media material that you intend to refer to (i.e. magazines, newspapers, internet, TV, radio etc…).


Try also to make clear the significance and purpose of your dissertation, and how you are going to research it. Why is it important, for example, to focus on gender in Journalism? Remember, the purpose of a dissertation is not to simply describe something but to analyse, examine and argue about a problem or set of issues. Where possible include references to academic sources that have help you contextualise your thoughts about your dissertation. That is to say, it is important to give a sense of theoretical context in which you are planning to work and how it is going to be researched. This should not be extensive (you only have 300 words, after all), but it is important to include some ‘signposts’ as to the theoretical framework of your work.


Section 2: Literature Review (approximately 700 words)


This section should focus on examples of sources of information that you have looked at or plan to look at for your dissertation. By ‘sources of information’ we mean things that have informed your thinking about your dissertation topic. This should include newspaper articles, radio, TV or internet sources as well as academic sources from books, journals and (academic) websites. Your literature review should include a minimum of five academic sources. Try to writet a paragraph or two on each source – tell us what each source of information is about and how you think it will feed into your dissertation. It is a good idea to include a few quotations or examples from each source to help illustrate why you think it will be useful.



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