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The auditory cortex has a lot of roles to play during the hearing process. Therefore, the auditory cortex must be protected at any cost. Auditory cortex has a lot of neurons used in decoding the tonotopic and cochleotopic spatial stimuli’s. It also helps in analysis and localization of sophisticated sound. Secondary and primary auditory cortex helps in making it easy for one to hear using sensory systems. As a sound detector and converter, it is affected by extreme significant sounds which might damage it. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure always to stay with your ears protected from the noise of very high intensity (MALICK, 2016).  

The snapping of a twig might cause a sudden sharp noise, but this irritating sound is not hazardous to the ears as compared to a pure tone. Pure tones are generated using radio/music sound at a higher magnitude. These sounds are much unwanted due to their damage to the inner cortex as compared to low tone (Alexander J. Ellis & Hermann V. Helmholtz, 1885).  

Learned inattention implies that one can control the amount of sound reaching his/her cortex or being able to retract your attention to a continuous motion thus helping save your ears from damage. The evolutionary advantage of this theory is to assist your familiarized with both moderate and very high sound tones thus controlling what gets into one’s ear. Finally, it helps improving sound sensory systems and at the same time protecting them (Winter & Elizabeth, 2016).  

Some animals and insect-like aphids and ants secrete pheromones that help others fight or run away from predators. These pheromones act like an alarm making others aware of the approaching danger. Some plants releases tannin (alarm pheromone) that makes them less appetizing thus fighting away herbivores appetite. Moths also releases sex pheromones that help in attracting thing their sexual mates (MALICK, 2016). 


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