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1. After watching both The Green Table Video Link and The Green Table Interview Link, select five words that you would use to describe The Green Table Piece. Search all five words at once, using a search engine (like google). Share the five words you selected and a photo, video or article link that you found in your search. Write a short summary about what you discovered and why it stood out to you. Then cite your source at the very bottom in MLA format. Make sure you sign in to Padlet or Post your name at the top of our Reflection to get credit.




Watch the link above of Parade (1917) by the Ballet Russe. 

Respond to the follow questions in paragraph form (5-7 sentences). 

1. How is the participation of Picasso to the ballet an example of the principle of Michel Fokine's fifth rule of New Ballet from Letter to "The Times" 1914 found in lecture?

2. The two "managers" are wearing tall constructions that are an example of



3.Ballet Russe choreographers introduced many new ideas to dance audiences in Europe that differed from the norm ideas of the time, do you think that the Ballet Russe was helping diversify peoples views? Why or why not?

Support your thoughts with examples if possible.


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