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Reaction Paper #2 Prompt

Among the many hot button issues facing the criminal justice system in our time one of the most pressing is the matter of personal privacy. There is little question that there are competing interests on this topic. On the one hand our nation’s people highly value what one court case has termed “the right to be left alone”. But on the other, the age of terrorism cautions us, in some instances, to consider extreme measures to keep us safe. Recently the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners approved a one year pilot program to allow the LAPD to use drones for the purposes of surveillance and investigation. As you will note from the two articles provided for your consideration, some approve this measure and others vehemently oppose it.


Your assignment is to thoughtfully consider this matter and to prepare a 750 word essay presenting your opinion and arguing for it. Of course, you will also consider contrary opinions as well. Your assignment is due in class on November 13th.


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