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you begin analyzing your own collected data! You being the initial steps of organizing your data. You will build on your initial analysis as we continue our study of statistics. Once we begin discussing confidence levels in data, your survey analysis will include the specific statistical test learned that week. For your initial analysis, you will use the methods and graphs discusses in chapters 1-4. Note: Make sure to answer your purpose and address your expected outcome in the conclusion! Include both the means and standard deviations to numeric questions to answer your main focus question.


1. What is one interesting finding from your survey data? Although the project is not due until Sunday, use this forum as a place to discuss the beginnings of your conclusions. Tell four things in the post: 1-your main question/purpose for your survey (1 sentence) 2- your expected, numerical outcome (1 sentence) 3-one of your survey questions, 3-results from analyzing the data for that question. Results may include means (averages), SCRAP the GAP, graphs, percent of success, differences between groups, and much more.


Your initial post must be at least 50 words including your purpose, expected outcome, a specific question and a complete description of summary statistics. Generic responses such as "most people answered yes" or "there was a wide range" with no specific data will not be given full points


My project background : 


                                          Project “design survey “

We recently took a survey at my Job and as a fairly new Representative of Progressive I found that my job satisfaction was much high than the total average of the employees who reported to be satisfied with the job overall. I rated the job an 8 while the average rep rated Job satisfaction a 6.  I expected the average to be at least a 7 and wondered if the length of employment helped/ hurt with satisfaction and engagement and projected retention based on the questions asked for the company.


I would like to use a population of my friends because I know they are comfortable being blunt about how they truly feel without holding back.  I have determined the way to send out my invitation is through text because its more personal and they will feel more obligated to take the survey and I will be able to control/ monitor the numbers better on a daily basis.


I will be creating the survey using I decided I would choose my friends at random from my contact list of 165 people in my phone.  I would be sending out the request to about 50 people and project  20  will successfully take the survey.  They will be chosen at random based on my communication level with them.


I have decided to pose 10 questions that I feel help identify employees’ thoughts, confidence in job level and training, support given by employee and how engaged they are at work 



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