Project #211664 - Your Resolution

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/13/2017 10:00 pm

Your Resolution – 2-3 pages


This next paper is the resolution to your challenge/problem case. To summarize, you'll need to thoroughly discuss the resolution of your problem/challenge. First, provide an introductory paragraph briefly describing the main challenge, then describe the status of the problem/challenge - has it been fully resolved, partially resolved, in-progress, etc.  Moreover, discuss your role in the resolution process and whether you are satisfied or not with the outcome, and if not satisfied, why?   


A major part of this paper is to start integrating what you've learned in school to resolve a real work/internship challenge.  With that mind, please connect various management theories/concepts (ie. conflict styles, active listening, emotional intelligence, non-defensive communication, influence, motivation, etc.) you've learned throughout your many management classes that you considered or applied when resolving your challenge/problem. Even if things didn't work out as you had intended, I want to read what you applied to achieve as positive results as possible.




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