Project #211666 - Formal Report to Take Action Against Single Use Plastic Bags in the New Westminster Community

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/21/2017 08:00 pm

Analytical reports provide not just information, fact and data. They provide analysis that assesses situations and recommends proposed actions. 

All sources referenced must be in APA format.

Include revlevant graphics and charts where applicable. 

Formal Report Format:

Letter of Transmittal, Title Page (I've done this), Executive Summary, Table of Contents, List of Tables and figures, introduction, discussion, conclusions, recommendations, references, appendices. 

Audience is the mayor of New West, Johnathan Cote and secondary audience is the Zero Waste Commity. 

 Through an informative and conscious approach, this report will include an analysis of the environmental and economic impacts of a single use plastics ban, including a look at common arguments against a ban, as well as an assessment of the problems with plastic, including a brief education on plastics and reusing and reprocessing plastics. Suggested solutions include alternatives, their benefits and what the individual needs to know to do their part for an idealized plastic free community, and why this is important. Additionally, this report will also include a survey of the opinions on such matters from the community including a look at an underway plastic ban in a neighbouring community. 




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