Project #211702 - Gay Marriage

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/13/2017 12:15 pm

Students will be evaluated in the following areas: 


Research Paper/Presentation (25 percent for paper, additional 5 percent for presentation)


You are required to submit one paper on a social problem of your choice.  The paper should include an overview of the problem, as well as examples of responses from different sectors toward addressing the problem.  You may choose a topic of interest, with the instructor’s approval.  Students have the option of writing a paper/giving a presentation individually or with a small team.  Teams must be formed by the date topics/references are due.  Please see the “Paper Guidelines” appendix at the end of this document for more detailed information on requirements for this assignment.



There are three major purposes of this assignment:

1. To learn more about a social problem and the responses of different sectors to that problem.  
2. To demonstrate understanding of concepts discussed throughout the course.
3. To improve research, writing, and critical thinking skills.


I am available to help with this paper.  I encourage students to submit their choice of topic and a bibliography of at least ten potential resources as soon as possible, but at least by Wednesday, October 4th.  Teams must also be formed by this date.  Please submit these topics/references to the dropbox on BlackBoard (under the “Assignments” tab.)  The research paper is due on Wednesday, November 8th.


Each student/team will give a brief presentation, worth 5% of the course grade, on his/her research paper.  The course schedule below provides a tentative guideline for presentation dates, but please note that this may change based on the topics students select for their papers and the number of teams.  




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