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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/14/2017 12:00 am

M4 A1 Gantt Chart - Individual Track (due week 9)

As with the group project, use the guidance in Meredith, et al., Microsoft Project 2013 Step-by-Step, and any other resources you find useful, to create a Gantt chart for your individual project. Be sure to include predecessor relationships. It should be submitted as an attachment to a memo. The.Gantt chart must be created using MS Project or ProjectLibre and submitted as an MS Project or ProjectLibre file. ProjectLibre should be in XML format.


Overall, this assignment will be evaluated on your

  • breaking down tasks into subtasks
  • identifying tasks and dependencies
  • identifying useful milestones
  • scheduling of tasks and resources
  • developing critical path
  • explaining the work

The WBS should be used as input to your project schedule. Any project tasks or deliverables not accounted for in the WBS are not part of the project. Use automatic scheduling when you build your Gantt charts and let the tool set the duration of your summary tasks and their precedence relationships


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