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Write a persuasive e-mail.  This is the example: You are the East Coast manager of a Fortune 500 company. The company CEO just informed you that your branch consistently has a 300% higher shipping costs overruns. Write an email to all employees persuading them to reduce overnight or second day mail shipments. Your Federal Express and other shipping bills are excessive. Your staff is overusing these expensive shipping options. Employees need to send more faxes and emails. Sending a zipped file as an email attachment is easy and cost-effective. A fax is about 35 cents compared to $15 to $20 for Fed Ex. Overnight. All departments must plan ahead, and allow time for snail mail, UPS or Fed Ex ground, which is 3-5 days for delivery, or find out the recipient's Fed Ex number and charge them for delivery. These overnight shipping are not a responsible use of money. Shipping costs must be cut by 50% in the next two months or the CEO threatens severe restrictions..

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