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you are required to submit a one-page research proposal (outline) describing your research project.  Once again, your research proposal must include a 1) working thesis 2) your major points, and a 3) brief description of three sources you plan to use in your paper.    

2 sources from database, and 1 from the subsidiary readings

In the article “Carving an official Cambodia Town out of South Philadelphia,” Joy Manning writes about this economic and cultural role of ethnic restaurants and food in a recent attempt of Cambodians living in Philadelphia to create an “official Cambodia town.” Once this project is over, the enclave will attract more Cambodian Americans from other cities for home food comforts and other visitors for the consumption and experience of the “vibrant Cambodian culture,” which will bring more revenues to the community (Manning).


Choose an ethnic community (e.g., Little Italy (Italian market), Little Saigon, Chinatown, Mexicantown, Koreatown, or Cambodia town), and develop an argument about the contributions that ethnic restaurants and food markets have made to the ethnic community. In what ways have the ethnic restaurants and markets made the life of the ethnic population better? How have they contributed to the economy of the ethnic community? How do they help the community to recreate their distinct culture? These are some of the questions you can consider while you are exploring your topic.

subsidiary readings :

Manning--"Carving an official Cambodia Town out of South Philadelphia"

 I'll Take Chop Suey-Restaurants as Agents of Culinary and Cultural Change.pdf

 THE NEW CHINATOWN_ An influx of entrepreneurs and diners is adding more diverse tastes and vibrancy to the neighborhood. - ProQuest.html

 Putting Mexican Cuisine on the Table The Cultural Dimension of Cuisine as Connecting Point by Patricia Jimenez Kwast, Ji Hae Kim _ Humanity in Action.htm

 Ethnic Dining Trends in the United States.docx

 The Ninth Street Market and South Philadelphia.pdf

Guttman--“Ethnic Market Scout: Mediterranean around D. C.”




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